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Ford is an American multinational motor company which is sold worldwide and had an output efficiency of 5.5 million vehicles in 2019. Of Course, everyone would have heard about Ford motors being one of the biggest motor companies in the world. Let’s jump straight to the gem that Ford has created i.e. the one and only FORD MUSTANG. Ford Mustang is one among the old sports cars of Ford, its first model was manufactured in 1964. The King of vintage cars is still ruling the segment. There isn’t any doubt that Mustang has always been a trending piece by Ford, the quality and look of the body of the car has always been customised and changed with the change in time and fashion but has always been quality assured and stylish in the respective time. Ford sold 1,00,000 models of Mustang in 2019 that clearly states the love and popularity of Mustang among the public and how much people prefer this car over others in that segment. This extremely durable car can give you a quality life up to 2,00,000 miles that is enough as per the life of a car.

Features and Specifications

Mustang is equipped with quality features rather than being overfilled with unnecessary and low-efficiency ones. Features provided in the car are very user-friendly and reliable. It has been awarded 4 out of 5 ratings by many car analysts which is one more reason why the market trusts this vehicle. Moving towards its special and impressive features let’s check out what Ford Mustang has got in it.

Coming to the technical specifications, Mustang is one of the most powerful sports cars and you can feel that in the car’s throttle itself. It has a powerful Ecoboost turbocharged 4-cylinder powerful engine with an engine displacement of up to 5L. Almost all models of Mustang offer about 400bhp of power and 515 Nm of torque that makes the car roll easily over high speeds and that is the main characteristic of a sports car. Mustang comes under single fuel type i.e. petrol. Ford has provided a sufficient 61L fuel tank in the car that allows you to drive up to 372 miles in a full tank that is enough for road trips and people who are fond of rides. It pulls the mileage of up to 7-8 Km/L that is less but it is economical according to the framing of a sports car. Car is fully equipped with safety features that include airbags, fog lamps, very smooth power steering system and anti-lock braking system ( ABS ) which ensures your safety if you meet any collision while driving. A smart steering wheel is provided in the car so that maximum functions can be performed from steering itself. Cruise Control, Semi-Auto Parallel Park Assist., Keyless Entry, Electronic Stability Control, Rear Parking Sensors and Camera, Hill Launch Assist etc are some features that Ford offers in their car.

Interior of the car looks very soothing with dual-tone dashboard and mood lightening served by Ford as well as the exterior is made very tough reliable with a tough body and alloy wheels and rain-sensing wipers make the drive safe by providing you with a clear vision in climate changes.

Vintage Mustangs

As said before that Mustang has been ruling since starting. The old mustangs used to be a class! In fact, their vintage models are still a dream for many people. Some of the old and classic mustangs of 1960-70s are:-


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