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Talking about car makers or vehicle manufacturers, every company is having its unique flavours and technologies. One cannot compare the companies but their cars can be differentiated based on features and specifications they provide in their segments. Here we are gonna talk about three premium class car companies Audi, BMW and Mercedes. These companies can be considered as the top premium and classic german car companies in the mid-price range. Of course, all three of them are famous and good enough to be a buying option in the respective price range. You should select a brand based on quality because all three companies are having several models and almost all technologies in the market are served by every carmaker, all you need to analyse is which kind of features you want, in which brand you are getting it at the most reasonable price and which company is providing you with the best quality along with that technology. So let’s go further with the discussion and let’s also talk about the company’s background and their policies based on which they provide their services.


Audi is a German company that was established in 1932. The four rings company has made a bang in the sports car industry. From classic vintage cars to the sports and power cars, Audi’s journey has been remarkable. The most attractive part of Audi cars is their style and looks. Audi has really got a fascinating design in their cars that makes them look so sporty and attractive. It has premium models that serve you a comfortable ride. Audi cars are equipped with some amazing features that Audi is famous for i.e., 3-zone auto climate control, ventilated seats, semi-autonomous driving etc. Audi cars can surely be an option if you wanna go for the reasonable range Audi A-series that starts from around Rs. 23.00 Lakh and Audi A3 is the cheapest model. There are many more cars in A-series in a bit fluctuating prices that provide you with full luxury at a minimum price. Smart ambient lighting ( one of Audi’s features ) makes the interior feel very pleasant. Sedans are the best segments made by Audi and provide cool specifications. Along with the sedans, SUVs are also fantastic that give you actual SUV features and power Audi Q-series offers power up to 190 bhp that is enough to feel the power. On the other hand, there are few disadvantages too like the maintenance of Audi is the most expensive among the three companies and even the parts of Audi cars could cost you more than the other two companies.


Giving royal feel since ages this company has maintained its name till date. It is a German car company established in 1916. The nicest thing about BMW at the buyer’s end is that it is easily available because of having so many dealerships all over the globe. BMW was established in Germany and makes premium and luxury cars now. It is famous for manufacturing long length sedans and giving it a royal feel. It is a reasonable premium car company hence it is preferred by many customers. Some special features provided by BMW in its cars are comfort access system, dynamic stability control, navigation system professional etc. The comfort access system is one smartest system that a car can have to give the next level feel to the owner. You don’t even need to touch any button or need any key in this, if you are having your car’s key near you it will unlock the door as well as the car automatically gets started. It is one of the most impressive technologies that make it a true premium class. BMW X1 is the cheapest car of BMW starting from Rs. 35.9 Lakh. Within this range, they will offer you a luxury car package. It has adaptive headlights in their car that makes your vision clear according to the climate condition hence making your drive the safest. From X1 to BMW 8-series cars ( that are the top end BMWs ) it has been versatile in all the segments. With powerful SUVs and classic sedans, BMW is no doubt a fantastic option in premium cars that too in an affordable price range.


Finally coming to the king of luxury cars Mercedes is also a German automobile company in 1926. They have been making royal cars since ages and gave a definition to royalty. It is said that Mercedes is better than BMW and Audi both in almost all aspects.

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