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Nissan announces to grow more into the EV sector. It has been heard that Nissan motors are all ready to compete with Tesla and Ford with its electric vehicle called Nissan Ariya. The all-new electric car Nissan Ariya 2022 will be introduced in the US at the end of 2021. It is an electric crossover SUV that was confirmed to arrive into the market at the time of production in Japan and will be launched at an estimated price of $40,000.

Body attributes of Nissan Ariya 2022 are said to be much similar to Nissan Rogue (compact SUV). Approx. 183 inches long Nissan Ariya 2022 is to be launched with two different segments or variants i.e. standard version and long-range version. There will be two powertrains offered in both the versions, one having 65 kWh battery and another one having 90 kWh battery. Kia offers you two options with the motor of the car. Ariya comes with two different motor technologies, one is single motor offering power of 214 hp and torque rating of 221 pond feet and another model comes with a dual motor that offers the power of 389 hp and torque rating of 442 pond feet. The most attractive feature noticed in the Nissan Ariya is all-wheel drive, making the vehicle more powerful and providing superior traction that makes the car capable to be driven at slippery surfaces. Apart from this, one more thing has been observed in the new Nissan Ariya that is the new logo! The logo is made a bit sleeker and stylish in design that looks very cool and attractive on the new electric beast.

Design and features

This 5-seater electric SUV has been equipped with great features as compared to the segment. Talking about the design, it feels very smooth and fluidic in design giving an electrifying feel and a stylish look, the Japanese design is worth adoring. The car has been designed great internally as well. The wide dashboard doesn’t just make it look classy but also gives enough legroom, enough space has been offered for legroom at the back too. A wide two-screen display has been provided in between that performs steering control functions too. This smart SUV serves you with wireless android auto, apple carplay compatibility and Alexa (from Amazon) too. Nissan believes that the new Ariya 2022 represents the company’s unique design language that is very attractive.

When we talk about safety, Nissan has committed that all the segments and models of Ariya would be acquired with Nissan Safety Shield 360 suite (ADAS) which will give you warnings while collision detection, lane changing, blindspot warning, rear cross-traffic warning and is also equipped with an automatic emergency braking system. Not just this !! In the competition with the Tesla’s autopilot feature, Nissan is introducing its ProPilot v2.0 which will make it possible for the drivers to take their hands off the wheel on the highways that are not too twisty but there is a monitoring system too that assures if the driver is paying his attention to the road or not. Let’s hope that this next-generation technology gives a positive outcome.


  • Length – 182.9 in.
  • Width – 74.8 in.
  • Height – 65.7 in.
  • Wheelbase – 109.3 in.
  • Weight – 4,500 lb

Technical specifications

  • Charging port – 1 Fast charging port
  • Battery – 65 or 90-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, single or

dual synchronous motor(s)/215-389 hp, 221-443 lb-ft

  • ELECTRIC RANGE or mileage: 300 miles
  • Power and torque (single motor) – 214hp torque rating 221
  • Power and torque (dual motor) – 389 hp 442 pond feet
  • Alternative fuel – electricity
  • Android Auto – Wireless
  • Performance: TBD, but should be peppy in AWD form

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