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Automobile newsletters are a great source of knowledge for automotive fanatics or enthusiasts. Everyone is tied with a hectic schedule in which you can keep yourself updated with your news by subscribing to a newsletter that comes into your mail. There are countless auto bloggers out there and automobile newsletter can play a big role in their research process. Different automobile sites provide a subscription to their newsletter within a minute. Different websites focus on different contents related to automotive according to their expertise. Here are some websites that we picked based on analysis that provides you newsletters and we have mentioned them.

The Automobile news

The automobile news is like having all your automobile update requirements under a single roof. They serve you with the top and genuine information and blogs related to the automotive in their newsletter. One of the flawless qualities of them is being accurate and precise in sending their newsletters to the audience. Other than posting their functional blogs they also promote important information about the auto industry from all around the globe. They also have their review and fact blogs about hypercars as well as normal vehicles with the motive guidance to the people who are willing to buy a car or bike. Their daily newsletter covers all the topics like automobile sales, automotive technology, upcoming engine technologies, international auto affairs, new vehicle launches etc. You can even sort your required information based on categories and tags that provides you with updates categorized based on different countries, automobile companies and trending topics. If you are an automobile fanatic and willing to collect all types of automobile information you should surely subscribe to the daily newsletter of the automobile news.

Auto Action

Besides newsletter Auto Action has its magazine in the market and has numerous blogs in it. The site anticipates in the description of almost all types of cars from blogging to the business end. The site is well equipped with attractive photos and information about vehicles as well as their latest technology. Something new that can be seen in Auto Action is that they even sell merchandise of different automobile brands and companies that show the business end of the website. The website also provides a special page having deep information and updates about F1 (Formula 1) for the viewers having an interest in racing and auto sports and viewers can also watch videos and interviews of their favourite racer or auto enthusiast.


AutoExtremist is also one the automotive newsletter providing sites but is more like a storytelling site. They mainly focus on the story of a vehicle and it’s journey from the factory to the market, you will get to know a piece of complete information about a car and how it was planned. No doubt, AutoExtremist has very interesting as well as informative blogs and current news about vehicles and one can subscribe to its newsletter who wants to know a deep knowledge and information about a particular car. Apart from vehicle specifications, they also serve news about the setup of a particular automotive brand and their revenue.


Well, Who doesn’t know Autocar !! A popular auto magazine also provides newsletters and covers almost everything in their news. The best thing about the site is that it doesn’t focus only on super and expensive cars but also looks into normal and affordable vehicles. This may be the reason why the public is more interested in their newsletters and magazines. Being a bigger brand they give ranking to the vehicles on their basis so that the audience can stay updated with the best vehicles in the market. On the site, they have videos, business and opinions on the auto industry by famous auto bloggers and enthusiasts. In the department of reviews, the reviewing skills of the Autocar is far better in the market; they specify clear and genuine reports. You can be their subscriber without any doubt.

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