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People ask, is it true that so many millions are dying in China because of a new strain of Covid?

Right from Day One, the Chinese Communist Party has denied responsibility. When the Wuhan corona-virus first surfaced in December 2019, the initial reaction of the Chinese Communist Party was to deny that anything devastating was happening. It was declared “controllable” until the evidence was getting out of hand and became a “public health emergency” of worldwide concern in just over a month: with tens of thousands of confirmed cases.

As we look back at 2019 and 2020 of the greatest global crisis of this century unleashed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that infected 60 million people, and killed over 1.5 million people, the trauma cannot be easily forgotten as we live from day to day with reminders of millions rendered homeless and jobless, markets and economies shaken up, political and economic power facing an unpredictable future.

The Chinese Communist Party is in a constant denial mode

A year after doctors identified the first cases, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had undertaken numerous measures to change the COVID-19 narrative and disassociate itself from COVID-19.

The propaganda machines were working overtime to change the COVID-19 narrative.

China also expelled thirteen journalists from United States media outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, as demands grew for greater transparency in combating COVID-19.

When it comes to turning a human tragedy into an opportunity to make money, you just cannot beat the Chinese Communist Party. Take a look at the Coronavirus disaster in Wuhan. As people were getting infected and sick, and bodies collapsing, the crafty Communist party saw the potential of selling inferior quality masks, poor quality medical kits and second hand ventilators.

The seven funeral homes serving Wuhan reportedly were running nonstop. Over 21 million mobile phone subscribers were missing. Where did they disappear? Eyewitnesses have given chilling accounts of living people being put in body bags and sent for cremation with the multiple crematoria working 24×7.

Actions that betray China’s concern about its image

The country wants to portray itself as a responsible and reliable partner, an essential global power and a Good Samaritan.

Beijing’s campaign as a global benefactor, unfortunately, backfired as a growing number of countries started reporting that millions of pieces of medical equipment donated by, or purchased from China to defeat the pandemic are defective and unusable.

China’s drastic response to its latest wave of COVID-19, as part of its ‘zero-COVID’ strategy has shocked the world.

Xi Jinping seeking a third term, in his usual chest-thumping style was falsely talking of China’s success in containing the virus to prove that its top-down governance model is superior to that of liberal democracies. But, sadly the story backfired.

“This disease has been politicized,” Zhu Weiping, an official in Shanghai’s disease control apparatus, said that she had advised the government to let people with no or mild symptoms quarantine at home and focus on vaccination drives. But no one listened, she said.

Watch this video:

As the Omicron variant spread in early April, about 373 million people in 45 Chinese cities wereunder either full or partial lockdowns.

According to estimates by economists at the investment bank Nomura these cities account for 26 percent of China’s population and 40 percent of its economic output. They warned that the risk of recession was rising as local governments competed to ratchet up virus-containment measures. Beijing is now urging local governments to strike a balance between pandemic control and economic production. But everyone in the bureaucratic system knows where the priority lies.

As part of its ‘zero-COVID’ China’s drastic response to its latest wave of COVID-19 have shocked the world. Leaked footage and viral videos expose scary scenes across Shanghai, China’s biggest city, as the country imposes extreme lockdown, in the wake of the city’s worst COVID outbreak in the last two years.

Shanghai has recorded over 200,000 COVID-19 cases since the beginning of March, with the city grappling with China’s biggest outbreak since the start of the pandemic. With 25 million residents, Shanghai now finds itself at the center of China’s “dynamic zero-COVID strategy” and an indefinite citywide lockdown.

Over the past weeks, images emerging from Shanghai paint a grim picture of the harsh reality of China’s zero-COVID policy. For the residents of Shanghai, living with zero-COVID has meant being confined to homes, mass testing, and being whisked off to quarantine centers if you test positive. But beyond these measures, a more severe picture of the impact of harsh public health measures is emerging as food shortages abound in Shanghai’s neighborhoods, children are separated from their families, and pets are ruthlessly culled.

In an unverified video circulating on social media, people can be heard chanting for food rations in Shanghai’s Kangting neighborhood. The same video also shows a fight breaking out at the entrance of a neighborhood as police vehicles arrive at the scene.

Watch this very shocking video:

The outbreak of another new virus in China is alarming to the world and the experts are of the opinion that countries must get cautious of this virus lest it caused an onset of another pandemic.

China’s latest Wuhan Virus outbreak keeps getting bigger. Multiple hotspots are now conducting a second round of mass testing. China is building six hospitals in Hebei- a province where a testing lab was caught falsifying reports. Please view this video on how China is struggling to figure out the extent of its latest outbreak.

Have we reached a dead end?

Accepting responsibility for this huge catastrophe and taking it on the chin takes a lot of courage. Unfortunately, Beijing is more focused on who should take the blame for Covid19 rather than making a concerted effort to determine what went wrong and to safeguard humanity and ensure it does not happen again.

Fast forward to 2023

The latest surge of positive cases is grave in China, but the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is still covering it up and lying to the world after more than three years of the pandemic.
Over 400 million people in China have died during the past three plus years of pandemic, and the total death toll will reach 500 million by the time this wave ends.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ditched its zero-COVID policy on December 7, 2022, and positive cases exploded across China. Despite the CCP’s cover-up of the facts and censorship, the crowded hospitals and crematories explained everything. In Shanghai, the largest city in China, for example, the crematories were so overburdened that the wait time for cremation was up to one month.

Instead of celebrating the Chinese New Year this year (January 22) as usual, many families were mourning the deaths of their loved ones. In the meantime, people are wondering how to stay healthy and safe. The CCP’s three-year zero-COVID policy did not help, and neither did the modern science of herd immunity. So, what can they trust then?

Having had their daily lives dictated by Covid controls imposed by the state and fear of the virus instilled by propaganda throughout the pandemic, the public is now told to be “the first responsible person for your own health” – or essentially, to fend for themselves.

XBB is the new deadly virus of doom

The new omicron variant XBB is expected to result in 40 million infections per week by end of May before peaking at 65 million by the end of June. This comes nearly six months after Beijing dismantled its Covid Zero curbs, allowing the virus to spread rapidly among the country’s 1.4 billion residents.

This alarming prediction was made by respiratory disease specialist Zhong Nanshan at a biotech conference in Guangzhou. Zhong’s estimate provides a rare glimpse into the potential impact of the latest omicron variant, XBB, which has been fuelling a resurgence in cases across China since late April. Zhong’s estimate suggests that this latest wave of infections will be more muted compared to the previous wave that hit China late last year and into January. At that time, a different omicron sublineage likely infected 37 million people every day, overwhelming hospitals and crematoriums and causing residents to scramble for limited supplies of fever medicine.

In response to this new threat, China is rushing to bolster its vaccine arsenal with new immunizations that specifically target XBB. The country’s drug regulator has already given preliminary approval to two such vaccines, with another three or four expected to be cleared soon. “We can lead the pack internationally in developing more effective vaccines,” Zhong said.

A World Health Organization (WHO) advisory group recently recommended that this year’s COVID-19 booster shots be updated to target one of the currently dominant XBB variants.

As China prepares for this new wave of infections, it remains to be seen how effective these new vaccines will be in curbing the spread of XBB. With millions of cases expected each week, it is clear that the fight against Covid-19 is far from over.

There is word going around that India has superseded the population of China. Maybe, the millions of deaths due to the virus in China have narrowed the gap.
A word of caution for the Chinese people

• For Chinese people, it is important to realize that the outbreak of corona-virus in China is a tragedy caused by the communist system. The best way to escape doom is to understand the indifferent nature of the Chinese Communist Party and distance oneself from this ruthless organization.

• Most people in China at some time or another have been compelled to take membership with the Chinese Communist Party. Mass killings during the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Square massacre and the long-drawn persecution of Falun Gong practitioners made people realize the evil designs the communist party had on the common man. As a result, people, in order to be free from the clutches, have slowly started withdrawing membership from the party. As of now, more than 413 million Chinese people have quit the Party and its affiliated organizations and the number is rising daily.

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